Friday, April 5, 2013

The Butterfly Effect is Plugged In

Well, folks, this is it, I have found my perfect purple.  OPI Plugged in Plum.  I LOVE this shade.  I love everything about it.  The way it pops, the way it shimmers, the way it looks on my skin.  I want to hug it and scream "my preccciiiooooussss" every time I see it in my melmer drawers.

As with most of my OPIs it also went on perfectly.  Very little need to clean up (and believe me, I paint like a 4 year old sometimes).  It was the perfect consistency and I just loved it to bits.

Look at that sparkle!  The depths of the colors.  Winning people, winning!

Then I did something dumb and attempted to put my house key on the ring after I took my car for service.  DUMB girl.  I mean next time I'll let them break into my house versus messing up a great mani!

So I put Layla Ceramic Effect CE 52 - The Butterfly Effect - on top.  This is pretty and in the light it did catch some great flashes.  In all honesty, I preferred the OPI by itself.  This didn't WOW me.  I mean it really should have looking at the photos, but it didn't.  I found the formula on these Laylas to be VERY thick.  Luckily, the jelly base helped it to clean up easy, but argh.

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  1. I LOVE Plugged-In Plum. I got it for Christmas and it has been my favorite ever since. No other purple compares :)

  2. Oh wow! I have never heard of that OPI? Weird. I love it too.

    1. I think I found this in some random place and I looked at it and grabbed it up. It wasn't one of the more commercial places for sure.