Friday, February 28, 2014

Monet on the Hudson

Today I have one of my favorites from the new Zoya Awaken line - Hudson.  Hudson is a lavender shimmer metallic polish that just screams spring.   I used the new special effects topper, Monet, on an accent finger.

I applied 2 coats of Hudson and one coat of Monet on top.  All polishes appear with a top coat.

I was very happy with the coverage of Hudson, I thought it applied easily, and with 2 coats had perfect coverage.  Next time I use Monet I may try to use two coats, one was a tad bit sparse on parts of the nail.  

The combination of the two polishes worked well together, it was hard to get a good photo of Monet that really does it justice, it is like a pastel party on my nail.  

with flash

macro of Hudson

macro of Hudson with Monet on top, look at the glitter party!

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cold Leather Cures Cancer, Bitch!

The wonderful Sarah from My Lacquer Family sent me a custom polish for Christmas.  It is aptly named "Yes, I Cure Cancer, Bitch!".  

This is a tongue in cheek reference to how anytime drama comes along in the community (drama?  in the nail polish community?  never!) how someone always comes along and says "I wish we could just put all of this energy into curing cancer!".  

Which always prompts me to say "well, I work in cancer research, so does that give me the right to complain all I want?"   Clearly this is the flaw in that statement, because working in cancer research does nothing to allow me to complain about something about a nail polish or not.  I also tend to turn into Jessie Pinkman when I have been, ah, imbibing a bit, so adding bitch onto the end of things?  Is so me!  

I started out with two coats of Sinful Cold Leather.  This is one of their leather effect polishes that dries to a satiny finish.  I thought the coverage was good for this polish and the color was pretty spectacular.  I did feel that it dried with some imperfections though, likely user error on my part.  However a good self-leveling polish usually hides my user errors!   I'm a sucker for these blues.  

Then I used Yes, I Cure Cancer, Bitch! on an accent finger.  

macro shot of Sinful Cold Leather

Macro Shot of Yes, I Cure Cancer, Bitch!

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mae gets Minced

Today I have a pairing I really loved.

I started off with 2 coats of Julep Mae, a satin finish lavender.  I was very happy with this color and finish.  It was something unique and fun in my collection.

I added an accent finger of Lynnderella Mince.  Mince has a beautiful green shimmer with a variety of glitter shapes and sizes.  I loved the way this polish worked over Mae.  As with all of my Lynnderellas, the application was perfect!

With Flash:

No Flash

macro shot of Mae

macro shot of Mince, look at that shimmer!!!  

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Octavia loves Mantis Shrimp

Today I have a special custom polish that Sarah from My Lacquer Family made a batch of and I was lucky enough to get one!  (Click the link to see her facebook fan page, she has AMAZING swatches!) 

I started off with one coat of Julep Octavia, a beautiful blurble cream.  I thought the application on this was very easy, self leveled and one coat was enough.  I really have great luck with Julep polishes!

Then I put one coat of Mantis Shrimp from My Lacquer Family on top.  This was meant to recall the amazing Oatmeal post about how incredible the mantis shrimp is.   

I loved this combo and I got so many compliments over it.

Look at the awesome spread of glitter here!

I liked this one, even thought it is blurry, because it shows off the sparkly holo goodness.

macro shot

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Zoya Magical Pixies!

Today I have the Zoya Magical Pixie Dust Collection.

If there was one texture polish that rules them all, it is the Zoya Pixie Dusts.  I feel that the sparkle they impart along with the coverage and the wear time, makes them the premier out of all of the textures.

As with all of the pixies, these are easy to apply, two coats for full coverage.  With these I imagine you can also use one coat over a base as well for a different look.  The coverage is great and the application is a dream.

Ever since the pixie collection came out, I have worn them almost exclusively for my pedicures.  They wear awesome and always get a ton of attention.

I'll start off with Zoya Cosmo, a gorgeous silvery gold polish.  I love how they added the bigger holographic glitter to this batch, it really makes the sparkle just off the charts.

Two coats, no top coat

Macro shot!

The next two have a top coat, which really gives you another great option for the look.

Next we have Zoya Lux, a baby pink with a ton of sparkle.  I'm generally not a fan of baby pinks, but this one is amazing.  I think all of the shine really brings it all together.

Two coats, no top coat:

Macro shot of the amazing blend

Adding on a top coat

Finally we have Zoya Vega, a gorgeous spring green that really wows on the nail.  This color just really screams spring to me, so a perfect collection to come out right in time for flip flops again!

Two coats, no top coat:

Macro shot of the gorgeous!

With a top coat!

As you can see all three of these polishes are amazing.  I love the way the top coat changes the look to the polish and all three of these are just must have polishes!

Clicking on the photos will enlarge them. These polishes were received for review.  My review is my honest opinion.