Blog Sale!

Blog Sale!!!!

US Sales Only!  (Sorry, I can't ship internationally at this time)

If you are interested in any item(s), please email me at with the subject SALE.  Please list the items you are interested in along with the email in which I can send a PAYPAL invoice to.

I will send you a PAYPAL invoice which must be paid within 24 hours or I will relist the item.  I only accept paypal as a form of payment.

Shipping costs are as follows - $2.00 for the first item and $0.50 for each additional item, this includes delivery confirmation.    Spend $30.00 or over and you get free shipping.

I am not responsible for lost or damaged items.  No returns, all sales are final.

All items are either considered brand new, swatched 1x on a nail wheel (one finger) or used for 1 manicure, I have marked each as such.  Fill lines are visible and I'd be happy to send you close ups if needed. 

Thank You So Much!

  Enchanted, Bruised Nutcracker, used 1 mani $20.00 (sold)
  Enchanted, January 2013 Limited Edition, BNIB $30.00 (sold)
  Illamasqua Scarab, BNIB, $7.00 (sold)
  Illamasqua Radium, BNIB $7.00 (sold)
  NARS Zulu Limited Edition, Used 1 mani, $12.00
  Picture Polish pshiiit, used 1 mani, $9.00     (pending)

Nail Pattern Boldness Texas Tea, used 1 mani $5.00 (sold)
Sea Lore Ariel mini, used 1 mani $1.00 (pending)
Aphrodite Lacquers Rumrunner, used 1 mani $5.00
Sea Lore Arista mini, used 1 mani $1.00 (pending)

Kat Von D Wonderchild, used 1 mani, $3.00 (pending)
Nfu Oh 51 (flakie), used 1 mani, $5.00 (sold)
Orly Decades of Dysfuction, used 1 mani, $2.00 (sold)
OPI Wooden Shoe Like to Know, BN, $4.00
OPI My Private Jet (non-holo), BN, $4.00 (sold)
Julep Sienna, BNIP, $2.00
Julep Vivien, used 4 fingers, $2.00
Joe Fresh Twilight, used 1 mani, $1.00 (sold)

All That Glitters, Cha Cha Twist, used 1 mani $3.00
Hot Mess Lacquers, used 1 mani, $3.00 (sold)
All that Glitters Purple Haze, used 1 mani $3.00 (sold)
Nostalgic Nail Lacquer As If, used 1 mani $3.00 (sold)
Nostalgic Nail Lacquer Rayanne, used 1 mani $3.00(sold)

 Dollish Polish Yo Ho Ho a Pirates Life for Me, used 1 mani $5.00 (sold)
Candy Lacquer Vampire Kiss, used 1 mani $5.00 (sold)
Sonoma Nail Art Here Lies Robert, used 1 mani $5.00 (sold)
Pretty & Polished Pool Party, used 1 mani $5.00 (sold)
Girly Bits Hot Toddy, used 1 mani $5.00 (sold)
Girly Bits Sailors Delight, used 1 mani $4.00 (sold)
Girly Bits Promise Me, used 1 mani $4.00 

Dollish Polish Somethings Up with Jack, used 1 mani, $4.00
F4 Polish Summer Melon, used 1 mani $4.00
Dollish Polish What's This?  used 1 mani $4.00 (sold)
Glitzology Violate, used 1 mani $5.00
NerdLacquer, Webinarmy, used 1 mani, $17.00 (pending)

Pahlish Train Underwater, used 1 mani $4.00(pending)
Girly Bits, Long Winter's Nap, 1 mani $5.00 (sold)
Glitzology My Viking Boyfriend, used 1 mani $5.00 (sold)
Smitten Polish, Hocus Pocus, used 1 mani $5.00 )[sold)
Glitzology, Purple Rain, used 1 mani $5.00

Ciate, Wait Until Dark, used 1 mani, $7.00
Dollish Polish We're Simply Meant to Be, used 1 mani $4.00
Ciate Regatta, used 1 mani, some polish on the cap from another polish exploding during packaging, $5.00 (pending)
Once Upon a Polish, Red Riding Hood, used 2 manis, $3.00 (sold)
Zoya Charla, used 1 mani, $4.00

Girly Bits Visions of Sugar Plums, used 1 mani, 5.00 (sold)
Shimmer Rochelle, used 1 mani, 5.00 (sold)
Candy Lacquer Party Girl, used 1 mani, 5.00
Glitzology As You Wish, used 1 mani, 4.00

Layla Ceramic Effect CE52 flakies, used one mani, 4.00 (pending)
Layla Ceramic Effect CE54 flakies, used one mani, 4.00

Orly Be Brave swatched once on a nail wheel - $3.00
Dollish Polish This is Halloween - used 1 mani - $4.00
Orly Sweettart - used 1 mani on child - $3.00
Candeo Jellybean, I think this is brand new, perhaps swatched once - $5.00 (sold)
Jindie Nails Honey Blue Blue, used 1 mani - $6.00 (pending)
Funky Fingers Sand & Stilletos, brand new - $2.00 (sold)
Funky Fingers Prince Charming, brand new - $2.00 (sold)

Nails Inc Sugar House Lane - used 1 mani - $5.00 (pending)
Picture Polish Dorothy - used 1 mani - $9.00 (sold)
Cult Nails Seduction, discontinued polish - used 1 mani $15.00 (sold)
Cult Nails Toxic Seaweed, discontinued polish - used 1 mani $22.00
Lynnderella Spumoni - used 1 mani $17.00 (sold)
Enchanted Vampires Desert - used 1 mani (in a gradient), $15.00(sold)

Funky Fingers Flashing Lights, Brand New, $2.00 (sold)
Sephora X Deranged, used 1 mani, $5.00
Avon Suede Sumptuous Rose, used 1 mani, $5.00
Lacquistry What the Hayley Are You Doing?  used 1 mani, $5.00
Sephora X Cocky, used 1 mani, $5.00
Lurdana Quartzo, used 1 mani, $3.00

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