Saturday, June 30, 2012

Disco Biscuit Makes an Entrance!

The final color in the Rainbow Challenge was Pink.

I knew Butter London Disco Biscuit was going to be my pick, but it is very sheer and I don't want to waste this beauty on lots of layers.  So I decided to layer it over China Glaze Make an Entrance.  The two colors work well together.

This is 2 coats of Make an Entrance, really I could have gotten away with one.  I found this polish to be a pain in the rear.  It was REALLY thin and flooded every last one of my cuticles (one was nearly impossible to clean up too, you see that in the photo).  I left the cap off for about 10 minutes hoping that will improve it for the next time.  I put 2 coats of Disco Biscuit on top.  I love the shimmer in this polish, it really adds something to Make an Entrance.

Here is Make an Entrance on its own:

Butter London can be found at Nordstrom and Ulta.  China Glaze can be found at Sally Beauty Supply and Ulta.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the coordinator for the Rainbow Challenge Lacquer Dreams!  This has been so fun for me to not only participate but visit all of the others who participated as well.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Lady of the Lake

The Rainbow Challenge color of the day is Purple.  I was actually surprised at how many I had, just recently I bought up a ton because I didn't have many.

My favorite purple, bar none, is a England Lady of the Lake.  It is a deep grape-purple with a fabulous holographic shimmer to it.  The holos are a bit more understated than some of my other holos, but I love that. 

In fact I'll go so far to say that a England is my favorite polish brand.  I have 7 of their polishes and each and every one of them applies like a dream.  It has a perfect formula.  It is so easily to control on the nail.  It spreads out evenly.  Most of them are one-coat formulas and if you need 2 coats, it is pure perfection. 

I. need. all. of. them.  Badly.

If you don't have any a England polishes?  RUN AND GET THEM NOW.  You have been told.

I used St. George in a nail salon and all of the nail techs, the front desk girls, etc were all going gonzo over it.  The nail tech made me write down where I got it she loved it so much.  These are people who use nail polish every single day of their lives! 

Onto the picture spam (and oh yes, there is plenty of spam!)  I couldn't pick a few favorites and each offers something different (like a different look at the holo, or it shows off the purple. 

a England polishes can be found on their website and various online e-tailers.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Daddy's Little Girl Walks On Air

For the Rainbow Challenge today it is blue.

I probably have more blues in my collection than anything else, I'm always just drawn to pretty blues.  Some of my previous favorites include Today was a Fairy Tale by Deborah Lippmann, Across the Universe by Deborah Lippmann and Dreamsicle by Lush Lacquer.

Today I chose Essence Walks on Air as the base, I applied 3 coats.  I found after 2 there were still a few bare patches.  This is a pretty blue that is gorgeous all on its own, but I wanted to add some bling.

I chose to put 2 coats of Pam's Girly Bits Daddy's Little Girl.  What a stunner of a polish.  I love the combo of blues and purples.  It dries with a satin finish, but I put one coat of Seche on top and that gave the shiny finish you see here.  I have quite a few of Pam's Girly Bits and I've always been very pleased at the quality of her polishes.  It goes on like a dream, it isn't too think or too thin.  I never have issues getting the glitters from bottle to fingers.  I just can't say enough good things about her or her products.  Her customer service is amazing as well.  I highly recommend!

I knew I was going to buy this polish just for the name.  Me?  A total daddy's girl. I have four older brothers, but my dad always wanted a girl.  My mom was so huge when she was pregnant with me they kept telling her not to rule out twins.  So after she had me they wheeled her out to see my dad (I was born in the dark ages when the men weren't in the delivery room) she was crying so hard that he fell to his knees and said "oh no, you had TWIN boys!"  When she exclaimed I was a girl, he broke down into tears of joy.  He went out, bought a little pink dress and flew it from our TV antenna on the roof!  (Told you I was born in the dark ages).  Therefore I was truly destined to be a daddy's girl from the day I was born.

It has been 10 years since I lost my father, but I am still now, and always will be, his little girl.  The title of this post reminds me of when he used to teach me how to dance and I would stand on his feet and it felt like I was on air.  To him?  I did walk on air.  He was my biggest and greatest fan, the man who told me I could be anything I wanted to be.  Who told me never to settle for less than I deserved.  Yesterday I joked that if I had a TARDIS I would buy up the NerdLacquers, but truthfully if I had a TARDIS I would take my boys back in time to meet him.  Gosh, he would have loved them so very much.  My oldest would be his sports watching buddy.  My youngest would sit in bed with him and talk his ear off and my dad would listen to every word.   Thanks for listening to me talk about my dad.  <3

The beauty of this polish lives up to the name for me.  Thank you Pam for making it!

Prepare yourself for an onslaught of picture spam!


Away from the sun:

In the sun at different angles to show off the pretty:


Here is Walk on Air by itself:



Pam's Girly Bits can be purchased from her online store along with various etailers.  Essence Colour & Go can be found at Ulta.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

If I had All of Time and Space...I'd Go Back and Buy Up All of the NerdLacquers!


Today is Green in the Rainbow Challenge and I picked NerdLacquer All of Time and Space.  Most of my favorite greens I have already swatched:  a England Dragon, Essie Mojito Madness, Lacquistry Lake Placid on Acid.  So when I was going through my melmer I spotted this soft minty green and I knew it was time.

See, I've been holding off putting this one on, waiting for something special.  This was my first indie polish purchase and therefore it holds a special place in my heart.   The fact I'll never be able to get any more Nerds pains me.  I wish I had a TARDIS to go back and tell that silly gal who only ordered 2 from that sale (which was her last) to ORDER THEM ALL!

Sigh, I miss NerdLacquer.  If wish she never left.  Unfortunately, if she were to return, I'd need assurances I would get my product before I bought (like on ebay or something).  I'm sure there was a good reason for her departure and at least she isn't going on in a giant ball of flames like one other egotistical batshit crazy person *cough* The Lynnderella *cough*.

Such a pretty combo.   Definitely one of my favorites!

This was 4 coats to achieve the opacity I wanted, but it is just chocked full of awesomeness.  

Polish and Such
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Salt N Peppa gets Felt Up Buttercup

Today's Rainbow Challenge color is Yellow.


I have only 5 yellow polishes in my collection.  FIVE.  Out of some ungodly high number I try not to think about lest I feel sick.

The funny thing is I was completely torn between two of them, so I threw caution to the wind (I'm crazy like that) and used them both.  This is 2 coats of Revlon Buttercup (pinky, middle) and 3 coats of Cult Nails Feel Me Up (ring, pointer).   I put one coat of Lush Lacquer Salt N Peppa on top (how can you possibly not love the name of this?).

On the first coat Buttercup looked like it was going to be an epic fail, but after the 2nd it had complete coverage.  I like how the softness of the yellow brings out the iridescence in Salt N Peppa.  Feel Me Up went on a bit sheer and so I did three coats for full coverage.  I probably could have gotten away with 2 since I had the top coat.  I think the deeper yellow of Feel Me Up makes the white glitter of Salt N Peppa really pop.

Surprisingly, yellow doesn't look as bad as I thought it would on my skin!

As usual both Cult Nails and Lush Lacquer were amazing to work with.  These are two fantastic indie polish makers.

Cult Nails can be purchased from her shop.  Revlon can be purchased at any drug store or Ulta.  Lush Lacquer can be purchased through their Etsy store.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Orange You Glad I Joined The Rainbow Challenge?

Today's color in the Rainbow Challenge is Orange.

I chose to use a base of HITS Demeter, a beautiful orange linear holo.  I used three coats because after two a bit of visible nail line was still showing and I don't like my goods hanging out there for the world to see.

I decided to top it with Dandy Nails Into the Fire, a beautiful orange jelly base with scattered holos and orange bar glitter. (Look ma, no curling glitter!  That's how its done overpriced egotistical polish maker, the fabulous indie Dandy Nails is able to find glitter that doesn't curl AND I don't have to pay $20.00 for it! /soapbox off).  These two paired together perfectly.  Into the Fire took Demeter into a bit of a deeper orange and the holo still was able to show through a bit.  The bar glitter was the perfect amount of bling without being too much.  The holo bits in Into the Fire just added the perfect amount of punch.

Dandy Nails is a great indie polish line and one I've been very happy with.  I've owned this polish for a few months and it is still in perfect condition.   The HITS No Olimpio collection is simply stunning.  I haven't had a dud from it yet.

Onto the photos (RIP long nails, I'm sporting the nubbins again).

You can purchase Dandy Nails through her Etsy Store.

Polish and Such
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Look At The Stars, See How They Shine For You

I joined a rainbow challenge started by Lacquer Dreams, but sadly I'm a day late because of being gone all weekend at a sand soccer tournament with my son.

The first day of the Rainbow Challenge was Red, so I picked my all time favorite red - OPI I'm Not Really a Waitress.   I applied two coats. This classic color has stood the test of time, it used to be my go-to pedicure color even 15 years ago.  I had it on my toes on my wedding day!  I still love this polish just as much as the first time I put it on.

I wanted  to do some nail art to honor my son and the tournament, but my attempt at a soccer ball went horribly wrong.  Then I tried to do stamping - DISASTER. 

So at around 11pm I said "FUCKITALL" and just put this gorgeous Hungry Asian Mumbling over top.  As I stared at it shining in the light I realized that in fact I did find something that reminds me of my son and the tournament.

Seeing this beautiful shining top coat?  When you look at it - it takes your breathe away.  The same way my son did this weekend.

Imagine if you will running in the sand.  Dry sand.  Now imagine trying to dribble a ball in it across the sand.  Now imagine doing this in 90 degree heat with the sun beating down on you for nine 12 minute quarters over the course of 4 hours.  Now imagine doing this while playing some of the nastiest, dirtiest players you've ever met in your life (you know, the kind who push you down and then stomp on your leg for good measure).  This was my nine year old son this weekend.  His heart - his strong, amazing heart - never let him give up.  He played hard, he played strong and most importantly he played with integrity and dignity.  I've been proud of my son so many times in my life, and this was one of those moments where I just burst into tears with pride.  He humbles me, he makes me a better person and I'm eternally blessed. 

I realize this is a blog about nail polish, but truly it is MY blog and my amazing teacup humans are bound to come into play in any blog about me.  I hope you don't mind if I brag about them.

So now onto the pictures!

For some unknown reason, my middle finger keeps "squishing down" on me.  They are totally dry when I go to bed and I wake up with this squished down nail.  It is really pissing me off.  Forgive this.  I realize this isn't the greatest job with a mani, it was late, I was tired and I just sort of phoned it in, but I really wanted to join this Rainbow Challenge.  I promise to do better!


Showing off the bling of Mumbling: 

You can purchase The Hungry Asian at her ETSY store.  OPI can be purchased at Ulta or various online e-tailers.

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To Polish or Not?

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Chili Bomb

I've decided I'm in love with Revlon Jellies.  Royal was spectacular, so when I saw Chili, the orangey-red jelly, I had to buy it.  Yesterday I pocketed Cherry.  My goal is to locate every Revlon jelly and buy them because they are all freaking gorgeous!

So I have Revlon Chili today, 2 coats.  If I were wearing it alone I'd need 3 coats, but I knew I was doing this on the tips, so I left it at 2.  I dabbed China Glaze Blonde Bombshell on the tips for the bling.

I really like how this turned out!  Application was perfect on both fronts.

This mani is 2 days old, so I apologize for the tip wear.  My new part time job is apparently preparing my kids arsenal for summer camps.  We have record heat in the Mid-Atlantic so I need to pack a metric ton of cooling aids since my oldest is in a soccer camp outside ALL DAY LONG.  The funny thing is next week he's indoors the whole time, the weather will be perfection for being outside.  

Revlon can be purchased at any drug or grocery store.  China Glaze can be purchased at Sally Beauty or Ulta.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Standing on my Soap Box for a Moment

One of my biggest flaws is I speak my mind.  Often loudly and using lots of expletives.

In light of all of this recent shitstorm surrounding indie sellers (particular sellers especially), I thought I would take some time out to list all of the indies I have purchased from.  I will split them into three groups.  First, those whom I have had personal interactions with and find their customer service to be outstanding.  Second, those who I have purchased from, but have never had a reason to interact with them.  Lastly, those whose business I no longer recommend.

I should state these are solely MY opinions based on MY interactions.  

In the first group, in alphabetical order is those who I have purchased from and have found their customer service to be exemplary.  Not all of these have I had issues with the polish, not at all.  Several of these I've simply interacted with the owner in some form and have been very pleased with those interactions.  It could be asking a question or sharing a blog post or whatever, but I've seen them carry themselves in the manner of being a proud businessperson who makes a great polish.  I happily support them as businesswomen and wish them the best for continued prosperity. These are lovely ladies who don't deserve to be tainted by the negativity that is surrounding the indie sellers right now.  I have included links to their shops for easy reference.

Amy's Nail Boutique
Dollish Polish
KB Shimmer
Once Upon a Polish
Nails by Laura
Pam's Girly Bits
Red Carpet Lacquers
Whimsical Ideas by Pam
In the second group, in  alphabetical order, are shops I have made purchases from that I have been very happy with my products and have never interacted personally with the sellers.  In my personal experience with them, my polishes have arrived in good condition, I am very happy with my purchase, and I have been pleased with my shopping experience.  I can not speak to the particular CS of these sellers outside of I received my product in a timely manner and was happy with them.  Obviously I've never needed to contact them with any problems or otherwise, which is always a positive. 

All That Glitters
Aphrodite Lacquers
Aqua Daisy
Candeo Colors
Cover Band
Cult Nails
Dandy Nails
Darling Diva Polish
Elemental Styles
Elixir Lacquer
Enchanted Polish
a England
F4 Polish
Glitter Daze
Hungry Asian
Lacquer Convention
Lush Lacquers
Nostalgic Lacquer
Pretty and Polished

Just because a seller isn't in these two above groups doesn't mean I don't recommend them (unless they are listed below)!  It only means I haven't purchased them yet.  There are many indie sellers I hope to purchase from in the future, but due to money or difficulty getting them, I haven't yet.  I will continue to update this list as I have more interaction with the sellers.

The last group is the one I can't recommend and I will be clear for my reasons:

Nerd Lacquer - I have three polishes of this brand and they are spectacular.  However, it is fairly well known that her ETSY store was shut down due to not delivering polishes that were paid for.  I'm sure there is probably a reason behind the why and I'm very sad she has closed, but if she should come back, I would say buyer beware.  Her polishes are lovely, but I'd be wary of perhaps losing money.  All companies that sold her product have removed them from their site.

Victoriana - I don't own any of these, but she has recently become unresponsive and had her ETSY store closed.  The company that sold her product removed them from her site and made restitution to their customers.  If this seller should return, I would also proceed with caution in purchasing out of fear of losing your money.

Lynnderella - Ah, Lynnderella.  I have to say through her last series of blog posts I can't even begin to justify buying anything from her ever again.  I'm truly disgusted with the way she spoke of other indie brands and refused to consider herself one of them.  I find the way she has treated her main distributor and the very reason for her immense popularity to be deceptive and downright cruel.  She left Llarowe deal with all of the angry customers and never bothered opening up her blog for the comments herself.  She claimed that being a snob was something to be proud of in NYC (which I know many New Yorkers, none of them take pride in being a snob).  She went behind Llarowe's back to sell on ebay, both through her brother and now on her own.  Also marking up the products by a huge margin.

And if that personal stuff isn't enough to turn you off to the brand, let's see how she deals with problem products, shall we?

Bleeding glitter - this is when the color on the glitter bleeds into the base, causing the base to become tinted and the original glitter to lose its color.  Her response?  "Oh, I MEANT to do that!   I am an artiste after all!"  Please.  If you meant that to happen, you would have told your customers when they made the purchases.  This is not owning up to the fact that your product has a flaw, a flaw the customers should have been informed of before purchase so they could choose to buy it or not.

Tacoing glitter - this is when the glitter curls up on itself, rendering the polish unusable because in the cases I've seen, they are sitting so far up from the nail you can't possibly tame them down.  Her response?  "Oh, this is a known issue!  Didn't you know this!  Not my problem."  Umm, yes, it is your problem.  Your customers have paid $15.00 a bottle for a polish they CAN NO LONGER WEAR.  I also thought that it was garbage that she also tried to blame the consumer for this on her blog.  It is because of your top coat, your thinner, etc.  I've seen photos of these glitters curling in the bottle.  Without thinner or any other additives.  They were defective.  Period.

Curling bar glitter - this is where the long bar glitter curls up on itself, refusing to lay down properly on the nail, thus rendering the polish unusable.  In her new collection, she says "beware of bar glitter", which to me is code for "your polish will turn to shit in a quick time period".  Well, I do have to question this.  Because not all bar glitter does this.  I have a bottle of Wet N Wild I paid 1.99 for that has bar glitter and guess what?  It is perfect in the bottle and on the nail.  I have another bottle of Orly I paid 5.99 for (before coupon, so really less) that has bar glitter - also never had an issue with it curling.  OPI bar glitter?  No curlies.   I have other indies that use bar glitter - also - never had a problem.  SO BITCH PLEASE.  I'm not paying $15.00 a bottle for something you've basically washed your hands of any issues with when clearly there are bar glitters which exist that do not have this problem.  Polishes containing said bar glitter which are far cheaper that have on problems. 

Now I know despite all of these things, people will still buy from her.  Despite her huge markup on ebay, people will clamor for them.  I won't be one of them.  Jesus' tears could be in those bottles and I wouldn't buy them.  I refuse first and foremost to drop that kind of money on a polish where I know the seller's response to any issues will be "Oh I meant for that to happen!"   Who refuse to learn from their mistakes to become better sellers.  Who refuse to admit they made something that isn't sunshine and rainbows in a bottle.  I don't expect my indie sellers to be perfect, not at all, I do expect good customer service though and if I don't get it?  I take my money elsewhere.  I also am extremely concerned about spending now $24.00 a bottle with shipping on ebay for a product that may become unusable or completely different in 2-3 months time.  Seriously!  I have polishes that I have still untried that have been sitting in my melmer for 6 months!   I want to buy from sellers who are happy to fix any problems because they WANT to become better polish makers.  Because they take responsibility for their mistakes.

See those lists 1 & 2 above?  Take your money and buy from them.  They deserve it. 

Edited to Add:

I got my last Lynnderellas from the flash sale last week.  One of the bottles?  BROKEN.  I see this has happened to at least TWO other people.  And trust me when I say this is no fault of Llarowes because her stuff is packaged to perfection.  PERFECTLY.  I think it was either an overfull bottle or a weak bottle unable to deal with the temperature fluctuations in shipping.

I'm sure HRH Lynnderexcuses will tell me she meant the bottles to break, it is a FEATURE.

Photo of both sides (it goes clean through!):

And here is the stream of consciousness that went through my head when I saw this "Are you motherfucking kidding me?  REALLY?  REALLY!!!!  Motherfuckingsonofabitch".  Yeah, in my head I sound like this.  And in real life when my kids aren't around!

Quite frankly, here is my reaction to this whole thing:

As always, these are MY OPINIONS and you know what they say about those.  However, I did want to share the great sellers out there who deserve your business along with a PSA as to why you should think long and hard before dropping any money on the bottle three for fear you'll waste it.

Thanks for taking the time to read my crapping on.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Ringer over Island Breeze

Today I have two beautiful polishes that really bring out the best in each other.

I have two coats of Darling Diva Polish Ringer over two coats of Barielle Island Breeze.

Island Breeze is a gorgeous teal shimmer and when I swatched Ringer over it, they just seemed to sing together.  Ringer is a stunning duochrome that flashes all sorts of different colors.  It has a jelly base so it changes the color of what it is over.  Ringer is an extremely versatile polish that I can't wait to put over lots of other polishes, both light and dark.  I can see this being a go to for extending my manis some extra days.

On her description for the polish, she said it is a cheap alternative for Clarins 230 or Max Factor Fantasy Fire, having neither of these I can't say, but I can say I'm extremely happy with this purchase!

Excuse the chips, I had to clean out my basement tonight and I did it before I got photos.  But I HAD to show off the gorgeous!  I've been smiling at my hands all day!  The strange orangey hue on my hands is because I took these at Sunset, but the color on the nail is actually spot on!

I took a lot so you could see all of the subtle shimmer and changes in the light.  I really love these polishes!

Look at this stunning shimmer!

Here you can see the bluish-greenish color shift:

Here the green comes out more.  SWOON!

You can purchase Darling Diva Polish at her Etsy Shop.  I purchase Barielle through Haute Look, they often have 50% sales on them every month.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

We are Family, I've got My Sisters Three

Hi there!

Sorry for the break, I went off with my family for a week at Disney.  As a casualty, my nails took a BEATING from constant days wrangling strollers, riding rides and being submerged in chlorine.  I even did a mani down there that was a disaster, no pictures of that, I promise!   Naturally the first thing I did once I unpacked and got the kids to bed was my nails!

I wanted this polish because it reminded me of the show Charmed, another one of my favorite shows.  Any time I hear about three sisters?  The Charmed Ones come to mind.  Me?  I have no sisters.  I have four older brothers.  My husband has three younger brothers.  I have two sons.  I also have six nephews and only one beautiful niece - we joke that only one female can be born in every generation!   I swim in a sea of testosterone.   I'm pretty sure this is why I love pretty nails, it is my feminine outlet away from video games and soccer.

Today I have two coats of Elixir Lacquer We Sisters Three over China Glaze I'm With the Lifeguard.  I saw the green bits in this polish and thought to swatch it over this neon shimmery beauty and I loved it!

I'll link you to other swatches of We Sisters Three so you can see how much it changes depending on the underwear, the neon really changes the look of it.

Excuse the middle finger, I scrunched it somehow and this was too pretty not to share.  The dark glitter does not show up so much in person, it really adds some depth and dimension to the neon polish underneath.

Here are some additional swatches of this polish on Nail Polish Wars website, you can also see pictures of it layered here.  

You can purchase Elixir Lacquers from their website.  China Glaze can be purchased at Ulta or Sally Beauty Supply.

Clicking on the photos will enlarge them. Please see the disclaimer for this blog.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Does My Sass Look Big In These Pants?

Today I have the stunning Sassy Pants by Amy's Nail Boutique.  This is another one of these manis that you keep looking down at your nails and smiling.

I started off with 2 coats of Milani Orchidia, a beautiful purple with a bit of shimmer, then I put one coat of Sassy Pants over top.  I thought the glitter spreads perfectly on the nail and a simple swish of the brush in the polish got the larger square glitter out of the bottle easily.

I love the mix of colors of the square glitter.  It isn't so much that it overpowers the polish, but is still a fun little color pop accent on the nail. This glitter also lays down perfectly on the nail and was smooth after two coats of Essie Good To Go.

The mix of micro glitters in this really sets it apart from anything in my collection, it is a perfect summer or spring combo that will get you tons of compliments!

These are in the shade (be sure to click on them to see the spread of glitter)

These are in the sun, it was hard to really show off the sparkle, but you can see it in the less focused fingers!

Here is Orchidia on its own (pardon the mess, I hadn't cleaned up yet!)

You can purchase Amy's Nail Boutique at her Etsy Store.  Milani can be purchased at CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid.
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