Friday, June 29, 2012

Lady of the Lake

The Rainbow Challenge color of the day is Purple.  I was actually surprised at how many I had, just recently I bought up a ton because I didn't have many.

My favorite purple, bar none, is a England Lady of the Lake.  It is a deep grape-purple with a fabulous holographic shimmer to it.  The holos are a bit more understated than some of my other holos, but I love that. 

In fact I'll go so far to say that a England is my favorite polish brand.  I have 7 of their polishes and each and every one of them applies like a dream.  It has a perfect formula.  It is so easily to control on the nail.  It spreads out evenly.  Most of them are one-coat formulas and if you need 2 coats, it is pure perfection. 

I. need. all. of. them.  Badly.

If you don't have any a England polishes?  RUN AND GET THEM NOW.  You have been told.

I used St. George in a nail salon and all of the nail techs, the front desk girls, etc were all going gonzo over it.  The nail tech made me write down where I got it she loved it so much.  These are people who use nail polish every single day of their lives! 

Onto the picture spam (and oh yes, there is plenty of spam!)  I couldn't pick a few favorites and each offers something different (like a different look at the holo, or it shows off the purple. 

a England polishes can be found on their website and various online e-tailers.

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  1. I really need to try this brand. This is just awesome!

    1. I have Camelot, Perceval, St. George, Tristam, Lady of the Lake, Princess Sabra and Dragon. Every last one of them is spectacular.

  2. So pretty! Llarowe sells this brand, yes?

    1. Yes as does Ninja Polish. They are cheaper through Ninja Polish and it looks like they are all in stock currently.