Monday, June 25, 2012

Look At The Stars, See How They Shine For You

I joined a rainbow challenge started by Lacquer Dreams, but sadly I'm a day late because of being gone all weekend at a sand soccer tournament with my son.

The first day of the Rainbow Challenge was Red, so I picked my all time favorite red - OPI I'm Not Really a Waitress.   I applied two coats. This classic color has stood the test of time, it used to be my go-to pedicure color even 15 years ago.  I had it on my toes on my wedding day!  I still love this polish just as much as the first time I put it on.

I wanted  to do some nail art to honor my son and the tournament, but my attempt at a soccer ball went horribly wrong.  Then I tried to do stamping - DISASTER. 

So at around 11pm I said "FUCKITALL" and just put this gorgeous Hungry Asian Mumbling over top.  As I stared at it shining in the light I realized that in fact I did find something that reminds me of my son and the tournament.

Seeing this beautiful shining top coat?  When you look at it - it takes your breathe away.  The same way my son did this weekend.

Imagine if you will running in the sand.  Dry sand.  Now imagine trying to dribble a ball in it across the sand.  Now imagine doing this in 90 degree heat with the sun beating down on you for nine 12 minute quarters over the course of 4 hours.  Now imagine doing this while playing some of the nastiest, dirtiest players you've ever met in your life (you know, the kind who push you down and then stomp on your leg for good measure).  This was my nine year old son this weekend.  His heart - his strong, amazing heart - never let him give up.  He played hard, he played strong and most importantly he played with integrity and dignity.  I've been proud of my son so many times in my life, and this was one of those moments where I just burst into tears with pride.  He humbles me, he makes me a better person and I'm eternally blessed. 

I realize this is a blog about nail polish, but truly it is MY blog and my amazing teacup humans are bound to come into play in any blog about me.  I hope you don't mind if I brag about them.

So now onto the pictures!

For some unknown reason, my middle finger keeps "squishing down" on me.  They are totally dry when I go to bed and I wake up with this squished down nail.  It is really pissing me off.  Forgive this.  I realize this isn't the greatest job with a mani, it was late, I was tired and I just sort of phoned it in, but I really wanted to join this Rainbow Challenge.  I promise to do better!


Showing off the bling of Mumbling: 

You can purchase The Hungry Asian at her ETSY store.  OPI can be purchased at Ulta or various online e-tailers.

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  1. These look great together! And extra cool that it reminds you of such a beautiful moment with your son. <3

    1. And I almost forgot to say that I LOVE that song. :)

    2. Thanks! I know, it is one of my favorite songs by Coldplay (and one of my favorite songs ever). I appreciate your comments.

  2. Gorgeous polish! Your son sounds amazing. I have a 9 yr old son as well that is super involved in soccer. He always plays a clean game and it's nice to see other parents with kids that play clean as well. Some of these kids can be super awful.

    1. It really makes me sad to see so many 8 and 9 year old boys playing so dirty. My husband is the coach and as such he wont tolerate sloppy or underhanded play. Certainly, it happens, kids push sometimes out of frustration or tiredness. But there is a huge difference between a push and shoving someone in the back to the ground and stomping on their leg. One of the reasons we have kept him out of soccer clubs thus far is this seems to be compounded in many of them. The worst kids seem to be those of the best ability. Which is surprising because as I tell my son, dirty play is what you resort to when you realize you can't beat another team cleanly. I also know that such things filter down from the coach and the parents. When we play a team that plays with real integrity, I always stop the parents on the other team to compliment them on their boys. I worry as he gets older how much worse it will become! Thankfully I think my son has become a bit jaded as to dirty players and crappy refs and as such he doesn't let it upset him anymore. I just am always quick to give him a hug and tell him how proud I am of him for not giving up and playing hard without resorting to hurting another player. GAH, I'm such a soccer mom! It is good to know that other parents value sportsmanship as much as we do. Have a great day!

  3. I like the combo! I also really love the story about your son! :)

    1. Thanks so much. He's a pretty great kid, I'm very lucky!