Sunday, June 17, 2012

We are Family, I've got My Sisters Three

Hi there!

Sorry for the break, I went off with my family for a week at Disney.  As a casualty, my nails took a BEATING from constant days wrangling strollers, riding rides and being submerged in chlorine.  I even did a mani down there that was a disaster, no pictures of that, I promise!   Naturally the first thing I did once I unpacked and got the kids to bed was my nails!

I wanted this polish because it reminded me of the show Charmed, another one of my favorite shows.  Any time I hear about three sisters?  The Charmed Ones come to mind.  Me?  I have no sisters.  I have four older brothers.  My husband has three younger brothers.  I have two sons.  I also have six nephews and only one beautiful niece - we joke that only one female can be born in every generation!   I swim in a sea of testosterone.   I'm pretty sure this is why I love pretty nails, it is my feminine outlet away from video games and soccer.

Today I have two coats of Elixir Lacquer We Sisters Three over China Glaze I'm With the Lifeguard.  I saw the green bits in this polish and thought to swatch it over this neon shimmery beauty and I loved it!

I'll link you to other swatches of We Sisters Three so you can see how much it changes depending on the underwear, the neon really changes the look of it.

Excuse the middle finger, I scrunched it somehow and this was too pretty not to share.  The dark glitter does not show up so much in person, it really adds some depth and dimension to the neon polish underneath.

Here are some additional swatches of this polish on Nail Polish Wars website, you can also see pictures of it layered here.  

You can purchase Elixir Lacquers from their website.  China Glaze can be purchased at Ulta or Sally Beauty Supply.

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  1. hmmm, that really does look different from their swatches. maybe you should let them know?