Sunday, February 23, 2014

Octavia loves Mantis Shrimp

Today I have a special custom polish that Sarah from My Lacquer Family made a batch of and I was lucky enough to get one!  (Click the link to see her facebook fan page, she has AMAZING swatches!) 

I started off with one coat of Julep Octavia, a beautiful blurble cream.  I thought the application on this was very easy, self leveled and one coat was enough.  I really have great luck with Julep polishes!

Then I put one coat of Mantis Shrimp from My Lacquer Family on top.  This was meant to recall the amazing Oatmeal post about how incredible the mantis shrimp is.   

I loved this combo and I got so many compliments over it.

Look at the awesome spread of glitter here!

I liked this one, even thought it is blurry, because it shows off the sparkly holo goodness.

macro shot

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