Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cold Leather Cures Cancer, Bitch!

The wonderful Sarah from My Lacquer Family sent me a custom polish for Christmas.  It is aptly named "Yes, I Cure Cancer, Bitch!".  

This is a tongue in cheek reference to how anytime drama comes along in the community (drama?  in the nail polish community?  never!) how someone always comes along and says "I wish we could just put all of this energy into curing cancer!".  

Which always prompts me to say "well, I work in cancer research, so does that give me the right to complain all I want?"   Clearly this is the flaw in that statement, because working in cancer research does nothing to allow me to complain about something about a nail polish or not.  I also tend to turn into Jessie Pinkman when I have been, ah, imbibing a bit, so adding bitch onto the end of things?  Is so me!  

I started out with two coats of Sinful Cold Leather.  This is one of their leather effect polishes that dries to a satiny finish.  I thought the coverage was good for this polish and the color was pretty spectacular.  I did feel that it dried with some imperfections though, likely user error on my part.  However a good self-leveling polish usually hides my user errors!   I'm a sucker for these blues.  

Then I used Yes, I Cure Cancer, Bitch! on an accent finger.  

macro shot of Sinful Cold Leather

Macro Shot of Yes, I Cure Cancer, Bitch!

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