Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Today I have Rescue Beauty Lounge Halcyon for you.  Halcyon is a beautiful sage green with a purple shimmer packed inside.  It applies flawlessly and wears like iron.  I think I had this manicure on for 5 days before it really started to show any wear.  

A very subtle, but elegant manicure that is very work friendly.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, I'll have an announcement for my first giveaway!  <3  

Sun:  (sooner or later this ridge will finally grow out).  This photo seems a bit washed out, but this was the best I could do and what I get for not downloading these photos until AFTER the manicure was off my nails).



Rescue Beauty Lounge can be purchased on their website.  

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  1. Such a beautiful, inspired color. Is this one available again? Last I checked, the only one from the Fan collection still available was Cuprum (which I have and LOOOOVE).

    1. No, it isn't available, BUT it just so happens a certain someone (i.e. ME) has it for sale. I keep forgetting to take a bottle shot to add it to the blog sale.

  2. I love this. I know I had this on my wishlist but now that I look, it's not there??? Perhaps I gave up on it!