Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jane Eyre

Today's post is from the new a England collection.  I am such a huge fan of a England I just simply had to have them all.  Their formula is hands down the best of any company overall I've used. 

Jane Eyre is a brown leaning base with a burgundy shimmer.  The simmer doesn't show up very well under normal lighting, but outside or under the oppressive fluorescent lights of my office, it shows up nicely. 

This formula was the typical a England awesomeness.  It applies like a dream.  I used two coats below, I felt that it needed two coats.  The luster on this polish is also unmatched in most every other brand.

The pictures aren't the greatest because in the sun is where it shines the most, but the reflections I got took away from it I think.  But you can still appreciate the beauty! 

Macro shot picking up the shimmer.
a England polishes can be purchased at their website and various online etailers (Overall Beauty and Ninja Polish).

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  1. Love your pics of this! I couldn't pick up the color when I tried. I'll just defer people to this post if they want to know what it looks like! :)

    1. Aww thanks! Sometimes it is so hard to get that shot that shows off the mani the way you want it to. Drives me nutso!

  2. I like that! It looks good on you, not something I think I could wear though.

    1. I think dark always looks better on me than light. I think my coloring just favors dark colors.