Thursday, April 26, 2012

Do the Cha Cha Cha

This is one of my very favorite manicures that I've done thus far.  It wore like a dream and I had SO many compliments on it.

I wore this for FIVE days with very little tip wear (which, let me tell you, is a world record for me).  Even after 5 days, I would still find myself gazing at the sparkle.

This is one coat of All That Glitters Cha Cha Twist over one coat of Sinful Aquamarine.  These two polishes really looked great together and my photos couldn't capture the beautiful combination of colors very well.  On the hand it is much more teal leaning than the blue it looks like in the photos.

Brace yourself for some picture spam:

This is one coat of Sinful Aquamarine, I post this because this was BEFORE clean up!  I mean for this this was nirvana because honestly I spend more time cleaning my nails than I do painting them half of the time.  This is a great polish and went on like this with only one coat.

Here it is with the fantastic Cha Cha Twist over top!  As you can see it has black and red dots, a few large silver and blue hexes, some silver glitter, some sparkly bluish bar glitter and some red squares.  The spread out easily on the nail and was easy to get on the brush (DOUBLE BONUS!)

Here is a better shot of the red squares on the thumb:

 My attempt at showing off how this baby sparkled!

This is what it looked like on DAY 5!   The only reason I took it off was because I chipped a nail (argh) and so I had to file them all down.

All That Glitters can be purchased through her Etsy shop:  Cha Cha Twist is currently available.  BUY IT!  Sinful polishes can be found at Target and Rite Aid. 
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  1. OMG, is that a diamond and sapphire band on your ring????

    1. Yes, the top band with the diamonds is my wedding band, the bottom band has sapphires and diamonds and that was my 10th anniversary band. My birthstone/favorite stone is the sapphire, so my husband wanted that for my anniversary band. The gold setting was hard to find, but he wanted it to match my wedding set (platinum wasn't very en vogue when we got engaged back in 1996).

    2. Well the reason I ask is because my ring finger looks just like that - except white gold. I originally wanted a sapphire and diamond band for my wedding ring, but the jeweler talked me out of it saying I would get sick of it. We went with the traditional wedding band with the diamonds and for our one year anniversary, my husband got me the one I wanted with the sapphire and I also wear it by my engagement ring. So I have 3 like that too! Geez, you are like my long lost twin or something!!

    3. Too funny! I can't wear white gold because I'm allergic to nickel and white gold used it (it may still I'm not sure) has a small amount of nickel added to it. My husband used to joke that I have the world's most expensive allergy, one that requires he only buy me gold or platinum (I can wear pure silver or stainless steel too).