Saturday, December 1, 2012

Secret Service in the Koi Pond

I started out with OPI Her Majesty's Secret Service, a great polish from the recent Skyfall collection.  There are so many fun colors in this one, it was so striking on the nail.  It just kept on surprising.

This is two coats below.  As with all OPI, application was flawless.

After a few days of tip wear, I decided to top it with Rainbow Honey Koi Pond.  Meh, not my best pairing, Koi pond is a hard one to find undies for because there is so much going on in it.  I like to share all of my successes and failures though, so here it is! 

 OPI can be purchased at ULTA.  Rainbow Honey can be purchased at their online store.

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  1. Prettiest swatches I've seen of OHMSS. It usually looks darker. I might need to rethink it. The pairing is interesting and I totally see where you were going with it, even if you're not stoked about it. Maybe something like Zoya Zuza would be good under it.

  2. OHMSS looks pretty~!! I should really wear mine haha and the pairing is ok.. I think it would pop better maybe under a light pink base :) Overall still not that bad girl hehe

  3. This combo is so beautiful!!! Love this colorful glitter!