Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lesbihonest under the Mirrorball

Today I have a bucket full of awesome for you.

I started off with 2 coats of ManGlaze Lesbihonest.  A matte fuschia that is crazy perfection.  Goes on like a dream and has that perfect matte finish that ManGlaze is known for.  The best thing about the two ManGlaze polishes I have is that they look fabulous either matte or with a top coat.  Their formula is fantastic.  Plus their names and bottle art are just so full of win they deserve to be owned!

To give it a bit of bling, I decided to put F4 Polish Mirrorball on the tips (and one full nail accent finger).  I dabbed it onto the tips to get such dense coverage.  This polish goes on like a dream and it truly is like you have mirrors on your fingers.   The glitters lay down perfectly on the nail. I topped just the Mirrorball with SV because otherwise it was too scratchy, but two coats of SV made it nice and smooth.   I loved the contrast between the matte and the shiny, which is why I only coated the tips.  You can see the SV line in the photos (and it looks choppy of course), but in real life, you can't see it.

I've also found this helps immensely with tip wear!    

I love this mani.  I need more ManGlaze in my life.   A gal can't go wrong with too much ManGlaze. I have Santorum, but I think I need Fuck Off & Dye, Mink Mitten and Nawsome Sauce as well.   Don't even get me started on how many I need from F4, their polishes are phenomenal!  I really have to say I highly recommend both sellers in regards to quick shipping times and great customer service. 

Photos!  (I really feel these don't even do it justice and I took like 2342343 photos trying to capture it, but this was the best I could do).  That ridge in my ring finger is not a polish goof, I gouged my nail in Disney and the matte brings out the imperfection in the nail.  I'm just impatiently waiting for it to grow out!


Sun (I tried to blur some of the fingers so you could see the perfection that is mirror ball)

Up close and personal:

ManGlaze can be purchased on their Facebook Page under the "shop now" link.  F4 can be purchased on their Etsy site!  

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  1. Cool! It looks like you dipped your fingernails in diamonds. Your pictures are getting better and better by the minute - and I thought you were awesome to begin with! Keep on keepin' on:)

    1. Yeah, I'm getting better at cropping them and such I think. I have a plan tonight to go through my old ones and crop out some of the crap. I downloaded picasa and it is easy to edit and then upload again. There is no place indoors I can get good photos really and building a lightbox is totally out as my husband would be like WTF is this? lol. My kids would treat it as a fort. Thanks for the compliment. This was one of my favs for sure!

  2. I just had the greatest thought! What if ManGlaze and F4 had polish babies!!! I would seriously explode from the awesome...and I just gave myself my next mani idea!

    I love that ManGlaze finish so soft and velvety. I always end up petting my nails when I wear it.