Monday, July 9, 2012

A Midsummer's Night

Today I have the stunning KB Shimmer Midsummer's Night.

This is a gorgeous purple neon jelly base packed with glitters of all colors - white, blue, holos and in lots of different shapes - shreds, hexes, stars, squares.  

I never had to "fish" for any glitters, the stars come out sparingly, but I got one on my left hand (in photos) and three on my right, which I think was the perfect amount.  

The polish is on the hungry side, the next day I needed to add on an additional layer of top coat to shine it up again, but I went thin on the top coat the day of application.

Another note about KB Shimmer - they have fabulous customer service.  I had made an order recently that contained a shea butter and she contacted me to ask if it would be okay to delay shipping for a few days until the record heat waves in my area stopped.  I was so impressed by her forethought AND that she contacted me to tell me about it ahead of time instead of just holding the shipping.  

This is a manicure that makes me look down and smile at my nails, which is of course why we paint our nails in the first place - it makes us happy!


Sun (this really shows off the neony goodness!)

KB Shimmer polishes can be purchased at her online store.   I will review the soaps/shea butter when I get those as well, I've only heard rave reviews about her other products as well!

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  1. I love how you have so many unique brands. My wish list keeps growing every time you post! This is going on it for sure!

    1. I go a bit indie crazy and I tend to try to go for those when I do manis since I feel like I spend so much money on them that I should showcase them, lol.

  2. This glitter is super pretty! I really NEED to get some indies of my own soon.

    1. It is such a slippery slope! You buy your first and next thing you know you are rocking back and forth in a corner jonseing to get back on Etsy to buy more!