Friday, August 3, 2012

Blogger Spotlight: Captivating Claws

Today's blogger I chose to feature is Captivating Claws.

Hands down she does some of the most amazing water marbles I've ever seen.  She has a great eye for color blends and is expert at her patterning.  I could stare at her Weekly Water Marbles for hours!

She has a great blend of both indie polishes and conventional polishes.  She also gives you the latest updates on larger brand polish releases.

Her photos are fantastic and she really has an ability to show off her polishes in a great light.  I think her blog design (background/logo) is one of those that really sticks with me too, I love the colors and design!

A sampling of some of my favorite manicures from her:

This was the reason I featured her, I looked at this and immediately needed to buy all of these.

Look at this amazing patterning in her water marble!

This is one of the many examples at how adept she is at combining colors for her water marbles.

Here monochrome splatter manicure is another one of my favorites!

Anyway, if you don't follow her already, I encourage you to do so.

All links go to Captivating Claw's blog, all photos are her property.  I have not received anything in exchange for spotlighting this blog, only sharing my love of another blog with people who may not know about it.

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