Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cherry Blossom in Paradise

Sorry for the delay in blogging, I've been on vacation and haven't had time to get a post together!

Today I have a stunning polish to share - Amy's Nail Boutique Cherry Blossom over Deborah Lippmann Almost Paradise.

I knew I wanted to do a green base for this polish to really show off the softness and beauty in Cherry Blossom.  Cherry Blossom also imparts a stunning shimmer to the polish below.  

Sadly, Almost Paradise wasn't even close to paradise.  It was a disaster.  It went on streaky and chalky and this is three coats and it STILL had bald spots.  UGH.  But the finished product is pretty, so I guess that is all that matters.

Cherry Blossom, like all of Amy's Nail Boutique polishes, goes on like a dream.  It is very easy to get from bottle to nail.  Cherry Blossom is easy to spread along the nail and distribute the glitter.  It has several shades of pink and white hexes in a shimmery base.  I loved this.  I can see this working over lots of different bases (I want to try red next)!  I finished it off with my standard glitter topping top coats - 1 coat of Seche Vite and 1 coat of Nails, Inc Kensington Caviar.

Full Sun:


Argh, ignore the stupid bubbles.  I think those were from Seche.

Macro to show off the shimmer:

Amy's Nail Boutique polishes can be purchased at her Etsy store.  The entire floral inspired line is absolutely stunning!  

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  1. I was wondering where you were. I was starting to have withdrawals. I hope you had a fun vacation. I need one soon! I love green and pink together! Great choice for the base - too bad it was streaky...especially because it was so expensive. But it is a unique green.

  2. I absolutely love Cherry Blossoms, they're so pretty, so this glitter is amazing to me! It's really cute.

  3. I seriously cannot think of a better base color for that glitter. Laaaaaame that it was so streaky, but I think that's how pastels just...are. Actually, it makes me wonder how Cherry Blossom would look over Dior Waterlily. Anyhoo... Gorgeous mani. And welcome back :) :)