Monday, August 20, 2012

Lannisters - The good (Tyrion), the bad (Jamie) and the ugly (Cersei/Tywin)

Today embarks the first of many of my "beach manicures", which is those I did while I was on my beach vacation with my kids.  I was lacking most of my stash and clean up tools.  

I let my kids pick out the polishes for these and they picked out Metametics Lannister Gold, a really cool orange jelly polish with various gold glitters suspended.

I think this one may have looked better with underwear (you know I'm not a fan of a VNL), but it was so unique and gorgeous, I loved it anyway.  Plus, this way you get to see the beauty of the polish by itself.

As with my other Metametics, it applied perfectly, no issues getting the glitters to distribute well.  It is really set apart from almost anything else in my collection.




Speaking of the clan Lannister, can I profess my undying love for Game of Thrones?  I love it.  Tyrion is the absolute bomb in both the books and the show.  I love him so very much, I think what I love most of all is he is imperfectly perfect.  He is cast to perfection by the magnificent Peter Dinklage.  Jamie, who I have to admit is growing on me with his jaunt with Brianne of Tarth, is that perfect mix of bad boy who you think you can somehow "convert".  Cersei and Tywin, on the other hand, are assholes.  Although I will say both are also cast to perfection.  That scene where Cersei gets hammered during the battle of blackwater and lashes out at everyone?  Ouch.  

Having read the books I know that justice will come to one of the Lannisters but soon.  I can't freaking wait!  If you love Game of Thrones as much as I do I'd love to hear about it on the comments!

Metametics can be purchased at their Etsy Store

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  1. OMG this is the jelly version of the mani I have on! I really like this!

  2. Never heard of Game of Thrones.... :) And this polish, wow, you have some really unique ones. I'm still waiting for a pic of your collection!!!

    1. I'll post them when I get home, I'm still at the beach with my kiddos! (I just brought mostly minis or thin polishes with me!)

    2. Sounds nice to be at the beach.... jealous...

  3. I have never seen Game of Thrones but my hubby loves it! Anyways, this polish kind of reminds me of one of the early Hare polishes, very cool!