Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kate Loves Sal-Mon

Today I have a newer indie polish to show you, Liquid Lacquer (formerly 2Chix) Not 4 Sal-Mon.  A jelly salmon base with white and dark salmon colored glitters suspended in it.

On its own this polish is very sheer, so I decided to layer it over a white to make it pop.  I chose Julep Kate - a beautiful white shimmer - as the base.  As with all white polishes, it needed quite a few coats (3 I think, I lost track) before it was opaque.  I probably should have just stopped at 2.  Then I put 2 coats of Sal-Mon on top to get the depth of color I wanted.  

This is another really unique polish in my collection.  

Please excuse the white outline, my clean up brush went belly up at the beach and so I was forced to make due with an older one (my "good" one started leaking black paint off the brush and getting all over my nails!  #NailPolishProblems).  

Shade - this is the most color accurate of the final result:

Full Sun - it was not this light, but in the full sun it washed it out a good deal.

 Up close:  I love the distribution of the glitters.  I did this outside, so that is why it is so bubblelicious.  Completely user error!

2Chix Lacquers can be purchased through their Etsy Store.  For a limited time you can use the code GRAND10 to get 10% off your first order on Etsy!

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  1. Sal-Mon, rofl. I don't remember if that was the first season of Idol we watched, or the last. Or if we even watched more than one. Anyhoo, great color. There aren't enough peach colored polishes in the world. <3

  2. Ah! Sal-mon! Love it!

    Also, gave you a shiny! :)

  3. Damn another one to add to the