Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baby Blues

This manicure is in honor of my baby boy - he is graduating preschool tomorrow! 

His favorite color is blue, so I lined up all of my blue polishes and told him he could pick any of them.  He chose  Lynnderella Mlle. Violette de Blue immediately - my boy has taste!

I was lucky enough to snag this during the last online sale at Llarowe and I was really excited to finally see if the hype of Lynnderella lived up to my expectations.

It did.

I started out with one coat of OPI Ink.  This is more of a purple-blue, but I thought it would go well with the multi shades in Violette.  I put two coats of Mlle. Violette de Blue on top.

Now, if Sticks and Stones was what I referred to as a hungry bastard?  Violette is a ravenous bitch.  Seriously.  This baby has THREE top coats on it (1 coat SV and 2 coats Essie Good To Go) and you can still feel the bumps.  But who cares.  That bitch can eat however much top coat she wants because she is gorgeous. 

I can't stop staring at my nails.  They are like glass they are so shiny.  The photos lean more blue than this looks.  I'm staring down at them under the fluorescent light in the office and they look much more blurple.  And shiny.  And oooh pretty.

Lynnderella can only be purchased through Llarowe.  She will be taking wish lists again in mid-to-late June.  She also has stated that there will be some stock put online periodically.  Hear that sound?  That is my wallet openly weeping because I know I'm going to want a lot more of these polishes after this.

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    1. Thanks! I appreciate it. I wanted to cry when they came off in sheets! So pretty.