Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mustangs a Trois

Yet another Mustang Manicure - I refer my black and red manis as Mustang Manicures because that is the colors of my favorite U9 soccer team!

The name a Trois is fitting because I used Team Salvatore by Dollish Polish as the top coat.  This is a polish I had to buy simply because of my love for The Vampire Diaries and Damon Salvatore.  Since we are discussing Vampire Diaries, here is a little man candy and a stunning woman to put you in a good mood:

Well hello there Damon / Ian Sommerholder (image used from Entertainment Weekly)

Oops, I guess this name is a trois, so I should feature the other Salvatore brother, Stefan (aka the whiny bitch).  See?  Damon is the clear winner even in this photo.

There, now there is a little something for everyone - even those poor lost souls on Team Stefan. (images once again from Entertainment Weekly)

I've long since been a fan of vampire novels, and usually the books are FAR better than their TV show counterparts, Vampire Diaries is the biggest exception.  I could barely make it through book 1 and yet I'm hopelessly addicted to the series.  If you like vampire shows/books/movies or if you simply are a fan of good looking men, Vampire Diaries should be on your Must Watch List.

Oh wait, this is a manicure blog, sorry got carried away.

I started off with a single coat of China Glaze Stone Cold.  I didn't want black or red as the base since I wanted to show off those colors in the glitter, so I went with a dark grey.  You still can't see the black as well as I'd like, but I do love how these two came together.

I put one coat of Team Salvatore on top, I had to fish around to get the red glitter out of the bottle (and onto the nail) a bit, but it wasn't that difficult and as you can see it is a nice spread on the nail.  One coat was perfect in the distribution of the glitter goodness.

Here is one coat of Stone Cold prior to clean up, this had fantastic coverage and was so easy to put on the nail, a great polish from the fantastic Hunger Games collection (yet another collection I had to own because of the name).

You can purchase Dollish Polish from her online store:  China Glaze can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply or Ulta.

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