Saturday, May 19, 2012

We've Got Spirit Yes We Do!

Today is yet another black/red combo in honor of my son's spirit day at school.  If you have never been blessed to be in a gym with 550 children screaming at the top of their lungs, consider yourself lucky.  My ears are still ringing!  The things you do for love!

I chose to use a England Camelot as the base.  This is THE most perfect black.  One coat, smooth, shiny, pure perfection.  I need to buy 2 more the next time I make a purchase at Llarowe I love this polish so very much.  Then I put one coat of Nostalgic Lacquer Angela on top.  Angela is named after the lead character on My So Called Life and it is evocative of the "crimson glow" hair dye she used in the first episode to remake herself.  Sort of like a pheonix rising from the ashes that used to be her dull life.

Angela had a really great mix of glitter, orange mini hexes, red squares, purple thrown in there.  It was really specatacular in the sun.

My nails got trashed pretty quickly decorating my boy for spirit day.  I spray painted his hair red and black, which caused it to stick to my cuticles worse than glitter.  But this mani was too pretty not to share!  I think it would be better over an orangey-red, but I needed red and black and I was running out of combos!

As an added bonus, I painted my son's nails red and black.  I used a England Camelot and Orly Sweetheart.  I used Hard Candy Matte-ly in Love to matte them so they dried quicker.  He was so excited to have painted nails!  There were 2 other 3rd graders (another boy and a girl) who had the same combo and the other kids in the class were so jealous so they proceeded to paint their nails with magic marker!  <3  My son is a nail biter, so his nails are a MESS and it was hard to do.  (And this is why I spared you of the horror that would have been a close up.) Part of me wishes I could paint them more often as a deterrent to bite them, but his school does not allow nail polish (for either gender).

You can purchase Nostalgic Lacquers at her online store,  a England can be purchased at Llarowe, Orly can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply or Ulta and Hard Candy can be purchased at Wal*Mart.

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