Saturday, May 5, 2012

Girls Night Out with Rayanne

Thursday night was girls night, so I picked the pretty purple Rayanne from Nostalgic Lacquer.  Rayanne was inspired by the character Rayanne Graff from My So Called Life.  In the show, Rayanne is that fun, crazy friend you wish you could be more like without the whole alcoholic boyfriend stealer thing she has going on.  She is the friend who lightens you and makes you smile.  The fun purply goodness of this polish captures the character's free spirit very well.

I started off with 1 coat of China Glaze Spontaneous as a base.  Then I applied 2 coats of Rayanne.  Rayanne dries a bit satiny, but a good coat of Seche Vite (which you need to put over this hungry glitter) shined it up perfectly.

This is one coat of Spontaneous (pre-clean up, forgive the cuticle pool and mess), it would need 2 coats to wear on its own, but since I knew I was layering, one worked out just fine.  This was taken indoors with a flash, but this turned out to be fairly color accurate.

You can purchase Nostalgic Lacquers through her web site:  She is currently sold out, but keep an eye on her FB page to find out when she opens back up!  China Glaze can be found at Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply.

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  1. The purple reminds me of O.P.I. A Grape Fit. Oh, and I have brought up "My So Called Life" to friends and they had no idea what I was talking about. I lOVED that show!

    1. We must be close in age, because I lived for that show when it came out. I still stream it on Netflix when I'm bored!

    2. I'm 35. Oh, I didn't know it was on Netflix....oh my - I LOVED Jordan. He was beautiful!!! lol

    3. Yes, I was definitely on team Jordan (as if there was any other team!). I am 39. He was beautiful. Now when I see photos of him, it usually makes me sad.

    4. No, she didn't have too many guys fighting for her, but was lucky Jordan came around once in a while - although, he wouldn't admit it??? He frustrated me sometimes. I kindof get sad too when I look at pictures of him:( I think I'll have to quit googling him. So are you team Edward or Jacob??? speaking of teams.

    5. Jordan was definitely frustrating (no more so than when he did what he did with Rayanne). It was so heartbreaking too because he reminded me of so many boys in my past who just never seemed to have a clue how hurtful they could be.

      Most definitely team Edward. I loved Jacob as her friend, but not as a love interest. It just wasn't there for me. In Vampire Diaries I'm team Damon and in True Blood (both books and show) I'm team Eric. And for the non-vamp series, Hunger Games, I've always been team Peeta. I'm sure there are other teams I would pick too, but they are probably pretty obscure to most, lol.

    6. Ohhh Team Damon?? interesting! You must like the bad boys??? Stefan is my pick:) I do agree about Edward; however, Jacob (Taylor) takes my breath away with his hotness. Hunger Games....I was all about Gale. And I haven't watched or read True Blood yet - I have it on my Kindle waiting for me and my friend let me borrow the DVD's - I was trying to convince my husband to watch them with me. Does your husband watch?

    7. My husband watches True Blood with me. He enjoys watching it. He likes Game of Thrones or Walking Dead better, but he'll still watch it. Well, I am on team Peeta, so not all bad boys! At least on the show (I've only read the first VD book and I hated it), I just like Damon. I feel Stefan is the "safe" choice, the one she made out of loyalty and not passion. Have you read any of the Vampire Academy Books? Good stuff. I really enjoy that series. No love triangle in the Divergent series, but another great favorite of mine. Both books (first and second) were great. I think if it is a YA book that contains supernaturals, I've read it. (and some romance supernatural novels, like Black Dagger Brotherhood, Carpathian series, Lords of the Underworld), but they are romance novels, so for me I can't read them too often because they are very repetitive.

    8. Well maybe I will get my husband to try watching it with me:) (he's more of a comedy guy - so we'll see!) True, Peeta isn't a bad boy at all. I wasn't aware they came out with Vampire Diaries books....pretty cheesy? Does it start at the beginning again??? Yes, Stefan is safe, but again HOT! lol. I need to quit judging all of these characters on their looks, don't I? No, I haven't read the Vampire Academy books. I will put them on my Amazon wish list - are they along the lines of VD? Right now I am reading 50 Shades of Grey and feel awkward about that - especially when my kids are playing in the other room. I'm almost done with the first book and there are still two to go - I don't know how much more I can take!? Romance novels do tend to repeat themselves - I mean how many different ways are there really? ha.

    9. The Vampire Diaries books vastly differ from the series. VASTLY. Alaric is very different, Caroline is too. Matt is Stefan's best friend. Jeremy doesn't exist, etc. True Blood season 1 is very similar to the book, but after that they really do start to diverge in the nuances. The basic story lines are there, but they are changed. VD on the other hand you have no freaking idea what will happen next even if you know the books. I just thought the VD books weren't very well written and were kind of boring. Plus I had already watched the series and I just felt the series did it better than the books. Vampire Academy is a 6 book series, all vampires, but they have levels of them (i.e. protectors and true vamps). Dmitri Belikov? Holy hotness batman. One of my favorite male characters from a book! (Sometimes I think I'd even throw over Edward for Dmitri). The author of Vampire Academy isn't afraid of heartfail either. Not. At. All. 50 Shades... I read it when it was fanfiction. Not a fan of it, it irked me how poorly written it was for a fanfiction, but it really pisses me off how poorly it is as an actual bestselling novel! Then there is the whole plausibility factor. Somehow I can believe there exists a 107 year old vampire sparkly virgin without issue, but in 50 shades I have trouble buying it. Like, what, you can sign some multi page contract saying even though you are a virgin that you'll allow anal penetration and a whole host of other things that I'd probably have to look up to know what they are, but you can't say the word pussy out loud (or even in your head)? Come on. There is a process between a to b, where a is chaste and b is sexual goddess. Most people say they look book 2 better, but that book 3 sucks. I safe-worded after book 1 because I felt I had wasted enough of my life on it. Although I think the fanfiction is book 1 and 2? I can't remember. I try to push that out of my head.