Monday, May 7, 2012

Glowy Hands of Fail

Another day, another nail fail.  Part of the territory I suppose.

I had such high hopes for this manicure in my head and to be fair, 3 out of 5 nails I was moderately happy with, but the others brought it down to where I gaze down at my nails in disgust.  

I started off with 3 coats Zoya Arizona as the base.  This is one of those polishes that after the first coat you feel a little sick to your stomach because it goes on SO poorly.  After 3 coats, it was very nice, but I think 3 coats for a creme for a middle end polish is a bit ridiculous. 

Then I did nail art with 2 polishes, Zoya Myrta, which I thought (incorrectly) was the "mate" to Arizona.  It isn't really, I don't like them together at all.  Then I also used NailVenturous Orange You Unique.

So for the pinky I painted one stripe of Orange You Unique down the middle.  I really like the look of this.

For the ring finger I did one coat of Orange You Unique, these two colors are pretty perfect together, so another win.  Fair warning though, try not to get the glitter on your cuticles as you need a sandblaster to get them off. 

Middle Finger of Fail  - Myrta and Arizona really aren't compatible.  You want them to be compatible, but they just aren't.  I did two horizontal stripes of Myrta and attempted to do a stripe of Orange in the middle to tie it all together, but my kid bumped the table and it went everywhere.  I couldn't be bothered to fix it because I knew it was coming off the next day.

Pointer Finger of Ultimate Disappointment - Sigh.  Originally I was going to stamp on this finger with Zoya Myrta.  Umm, no.  Too sheer.  So then I did a full nail of Myrta expecting to dot it.  So I got the dots of Arizona on and I just didn't love it, so I dotted with Orange You Unique inside of that, then I really didn't like that so I dotted with Myrta again.  It looks like this finger is diseased.  Not to mention you can see the dents in Myrta.  

Thumb - Dots of Myrta, I like this even though I think the two polishes are somewhat mismatched.

Next time I would dump Myrta and use the blue in Orange You Unique for the designs.  My cuticles are a disaster, I know, this is why this didn't come off right away.  My cry "step away from the acetone, Shannon" to me in my sleep.  

So potential, but just not realized.  I do love Orange You Unique though.  I have some ideas of ways to make this fun.  

If you were wondering, I got the term for the title from how some of my friends and I would discuss one of the plot elements that are in the TV show True Blood vs the books.  Sookie's "glowing hands of fail" was one of the plot devices only found on the show and for good reason (it sucked).   This manicure fit really well into this mindset, it had good intentions, but the execution of it was sorely lacking.

You can buy Zoya polishes at Ulta or  NailVenturous polishes can be purchased at her Etsy Store or Ninja Polish.

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