Monday, October 22, 2012

A Nebula of Regret

Every time I see a swatch of a NerdLacquer, I feel a stab of pain of regret and not getting more of them.  They were just so.... perfect.  

Great application, unique glitter spread, just gorgeous.  Every single one of the ones I've used have been perfect and have held up well over time.

I recently got Nebula in a swap and here it is in all of its glory!

NerdLacquers can be found on eBay and through swapping.  

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  1. This is awesome! Are there a few blue pieces of glitter in there? Or is that just a reflection?

  2. Gorgeous! I love Nerd Lacquers too! I don't have any but I feel the same way you do!

  3. Beautiful polish! Such a nice deep jelly base!