Thursday, October 4, 2012

Witch Way to see my Faux Pas?

Today's beauty is another one of the rubber finishes from Illamsqua, Faux Pas.  This is far more purple than shows up in the photos.  I am IN LOVE with these finishes.  They go on like a dream and have such a unique look to them.  You see one coat on the photos below.  (ONE COAT!).

Then, to punch it up a notch and disguise some tip wear, I decided to put KB Shimmer Witch Way on the tips.  The purples matched perfectly and it was a great little pop of colors on the tips.  This is what I wanted my fail earlier this week to look like!  I love this polish and I think it works great as an accent color for nails or would look great all over.  It is one of the more versatile Halloween polishes because you can wear it all year.

The rubber finishes are so awesome!

Illamasqua can be purchased at Sephora.  KB Shimmer can be purchased at her online store.  I also HIGHLY recommend her soaps and lotions as well.  They are AWESOME!  

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  1. never thought of faux matte :) it's pretty!

    1. These rubber finishes are really unique, I love the way it looks on the nail and it isn't at all chalky like some mattes can be!

  2. These are so pretty! I love the KBShimmer on the tips! Perfect way to disguise tip wear and have a new mani without going through all the polishing work!

  3. This is so cool! I've never used Illamasqua before, but those rubber finishes look amazing!!

  4. I love the tips with this! Now that my local Sephora FINALLY carries the core line, they really need to get on the ball and start stocking the rubber finishes. ;P