Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hanami is Ephemeral

It is Wednesday again, time for Go Pink Wednesday!

Another reminder to feel the girls every month.  Any changes, go see a doctor!  As a daughter and a niece of breast cancer survivors I can assure you that prevention is crucial!

My aunt found her tumor in a self-exam.  She caught it in stage 1.

My mother found her tumor in a routine mammogram.  She also caught it in stage 1.

This is why both of them are survivors.  The earlier the cancer is caught, the far better chance for survival!

Today I picked a pair of pretty pink polishes from Rainbow Honey.  I started off with 2 coats of Ephemeral, a light shimmery pink.  I have to say the application on this one was a mess.  It was extremely thick to apply and needed a lot of effort to get it to apply properly.  This is the reason that there are no photos of this by itself, I simply didn't have any good ones to show.  I added thinner to this for future use as was recommended to me by the manufacturer.  Mind you this is a week old brand new bottle.  So bottom line is, beautiful color, but needs some love to get it to apply properly. 

Then I put one coat of Hanami on over top.  Hanami is a beautiful pink top coating polish.  This polish was more in line with the other Rainbow Honey polishes I've applied, it applied easily.  It was a perfect consistency and spread easily on the nail.   

I think the combo of these two looked perfect to me and so I'm glad I stuck it out with Ephemeral.

Both of these polishes are part of Rainbow Honey's Pink Promotion that donates a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer research.  For more details go here

Please check out the amazing bloggers who also have joined in for Go Pink Wednesday.  I have found so many great blogs through this event, I encourage you all to click on the links and find some new amazing blogs! 

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  1. Looks awesome. Your nails are really getting long!

  2. I love this. You're right, the two look perfectly beautiful together. <3

  3. Gorgeous glitter! love the light pink colors!

  4. This is such a gorgeous combo!! And yay for your mom and aunt that they caught it early! I am sorry they even had it but if they are going to have it, at least early intervention makes a big difference. Thanks for sharing that. :)

  5. Love It!! I super like the glitters on it. I usually prefer nail polishes with glitters because they last longer.