Sunday, January 27, 2013

Luke of the Draw

This is another beauty from the Nicole by OPI Modern Family line called Luke of the Draw.  A silver glitter suspended in a black jelly base.  I didn't layer this, but rather decided to build it.  This is three coats.  I actually liked the depth that gave it.

I thought this was very easy to apply and very eye-catching in the light.  The glitters weren't too "gritty" and so it didn't need a ton of top coat.

All and all I've been loving my NOPI polishes from this collection.  Naturally I go out to buy more and they are no where to be found at my CVS anymore.  Sigh.  Story of my life!   

Still working out the kinks with the new camera, the flash fires all of the time!  I think the photo quality is better, but I am still figuring it all out.


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