Wednesday, February 20, 2013

1 Year Blogiversary!

Happy 1 Year!

This has been such an amazing year.  I started this blog as a way to track the manicures I've done and I feel like I've grown so much since I started.

I want to thank all of my followers for taking the time to read my blog, no matter if you did it just once or every day.  I appreciate you all!

So of course to celebrate, it is giveaway time!

First prize (open to both international and US residents) is a 15.00 gift certificate to the online retailer or your choice.  Want it for Ninja polish?  Or Llarowe?  Ebay?  You got it!  As long as they accept US dollars, I will do it.

Second prize (open only to US residents), NerdLacquer No Medal for Chewie.  I scored this on her restock last Saturday so I saved it for one of my lucky entrants!  

Thanks again for everything and sharing this crazy obsession with me.  Most of all thanks to all of those who have been with me since the beginning!  

Love to all of you!!!

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  1. Congrats 1 Year Blogiversary! Thank so much for this stunning giveaway !! xx

  2. Congrats on your blogiversary!

  3. Congratulations!! And thank you for the giveaway :D


  4. Yay! Happy blogiversary!. *<\:o) (sorry, my party hat is a little crooked)

  5. Congratulations! And thank you for this giveaway! :)

  6. Congratulations Shannon! :) I wish you many more years in blogging :)

  7. Congratulations on your 1 year!