Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Neon Sapphire Under the Festival of Lights

Today I have Kleancolor Neon Sapphire, a matte jelly finish of a deep blue.  The formula on this one was a bit runny, so it got away from me (and all over my cuticles!) making it hard to clean up, but I did love the finish and color to it!  You see two coats below.

Then I topped it with Amy's Nail Boutique Festival of Lights Teal.  The first photos shows it in difused light box light, but the last show it directly under the lamp and that shine and holo goodness!  Amazing how different it looks depending on the light source.  As with all of my Amy's, the formula was perfection.  She is definitely one of my favorite indie polish makers (and the one I now own the most of!)

 I have only been able to purchase Kleancolors online, I've never seen them in a store locally.  Most of them I get from Amazon.  Amy's Nail Boutique can be purchased through her Etsy Store

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  1. Pretty Combo! So far I have really like every Kleancolor polish I have tried and the price is great for them on EBAY. I was pleasantly surprised.