Saturday, February 9, 2013

A duo of pink for Valentine's week!

When I was going through and watermarking my photos I realized these two were so similar I'll put them in the post together.

To start is Avon Rose Suede, my first Avon.  I loved the suede finish on this and how it looks on the nail.  The application was pretty good, a bit runny and the clean up left sparkles here there and everywhere.  I really liked it though, I definitely want to get more of the Avon Suedes.

A few days later I put on Revlon Glitz & Glam, a pink glitter in a pink jelly base, you see two coats of this below.    I thought the coverage of this was outstanding, another good Revlon pick up for me!  I've had a lot of success with this brand.    This one had a lot of bling to it and really drew attention.

I realized I should have mentioned something the other day, in my KB Shimmer post my nails were much shorter than here, that is because my photos are on about a 2 week lag as to what was actually on my nails at the time.  So I had a break (my first in months) and now they are nubs, but this was when they were still long and beautiful!  I put the KB post out of sequence since it was a review for an upcoming collection.

Avon can be purchased through an Avon representative.  Revlon can be purchased at drug stores.
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  1. I love this! Those suede Avons look so cool, and I really like the glitter over it. Such lovely shades of rose.