Friday, February 1, 2013

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

As I was going through my photos last night, I found a bunch of photos that I never got around to posting for whatever reason, so I decided to throw them all in one post since I wanted to share them, but not all of them are seasonally appropriate.  lol.

So here is everything but the kitchen sink!

This is OPI I'm Dating a Royal.  I have NO earthly idea what that texture is on my nails.  I assume I took this the next day or something?  It didn't look like that until the photo.  But, as you can see, great finish and great color, user error on my part.

Darling Diva Polish - Christmas Story 2012.  WOWZERS.  I avoided most "Christmas" red and greed polishes because I figured outside of two weeks in December, I wouldn't wear them.  This was my one exception.  Red and green holo goodenss.  LOVE.  But it is obviously Christmassy, so kitchen sink post it goes.   I layered this over a England Camelot, one of the best blacks in creation!

 Dollish Polish I'm the Boogie Man - this was one of her Halloween Polishes, this is two coats, no undies.  I didn't think I was going to love this one, but I really did.  I think this could work in springtime as well because it is shimmery and pastel, it doesn't scream Halloween to me.

Manglaze Matte is Murder with F4 Nightmare Forest over top.  Manglaze makes, hands down, the BEST matte polishes ever.  If you don't own them?  You need to.  You need to run right out and get yourself one.  They are all magnificent.  They also make fun layering polishes because they impart a really cool shimmer underneath the polish.   Nightmare Forest was great, but obviously VERY Halloween.  

Manglaze  Fatty's Got More Blood with Candy Lacquer Vampire's Kiss.  Again, Manglaze love from me.  Buy some.  Now.  Stop reading and buy buy buy buy!  (I will always be the devil on your shoulder convincing you to buy stuff, always).  Vampire's Kiss was one of my better Candy Lacquer formulas, my others tend to be very thick, but this was just right.  It doesn't scream Halloween to me either!  I managed to get two hearts on the same nail too!  

Well, I think that catches me up!  lol.  Sorry these weren't posted in a more timely manner!    Have an awesome weekend!

OPI can be purchased at Ulta.

Darling Diva Polish can be purchased at her Etsy store.

a England can be purchased through Llarowe or Overall Beauty.

Dollish Polish can be purchased through her Big Cartel store.

ManGlaze can be purchased through their facebook account.

F4 Polish can be purchased through their Etsy store.

Candy Lacquer can be purchased through her Big Cartel store.

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