Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Catherine the Grape gets taken down by Vivien

Today folks is a lesson on how to take a beautiful mani and screw it up!

So we all know I like the bling, considering I'm always putting a glitter topper of some sort over a base color.  But sometimes I really need to just learn when to leave well enough alone.  This was one of those times.

I started off with two coats of the perfection that is OPI Catherine the Grape.  I freaking LOVE this color.  Subtle shimmer, great on my skin, great application.  It was just perfect.  But oh no, my brain that is surrounded by boys 24/7 was screaming "glitter glitter glitter".  So I topped it with Julep Vivien.  

Whomp Whomp Whomp.

I think it would have liked Vivien more without the gold hexes, but with them it sort of looks like I went a bit bananas in the glitter store.  I love the gold/silver micro glitters.

Oh well, I should have left well enough alone.  I feel that if Michael Kors (in his Project Runway mode) was checking out my mani he'd make some quip about how I have a taste issue.  But much more bitchy like "her nails look like she sneezed glitter all over them" (in a much more bitchy way, the Kors-a-tron 2000 can spit out the insults like no one else).  But isn't Catherine the Grape pretty?  At least I have a photo to remind me next time just use that one!  

OPI can be purchased at Ulta.  Julep can be purchased at their online store (www.julep.com) or Sephora online.
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  2. Not bad to me but I guess if you just wanted the grape color with glitter it would be bad. You could try Catherine as a tip to get more of her color back.