Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ARGH Ye Scallywag

Today I have the totally drool worthy Scallywag from Butter, London.  This was just phenomenal on the nail.  Beyond, actually!    When I saw that I actually captured some of that in the photos, I was beyond thrilled!

Behold the pretty, then go to beauty.com and use this link http://www.beauty.com/20-off-beauty-com--friends-and-family/qxc308853?aid=338806&aparam=13wk10bbFFCOM&om_u=Nsj8Cf&om_i=_BQlkq0B8u6yRg7 to get 20% off of it when you buy it!  :-)

Clicking on the photos will enlarge them. Please see the disclaimer for this blog.


  1. I really want this color now :) Gorgeous

  2. So so pretty! Ooh la la I want it so bad!

  3. I got this after I saw your swatch haha Gave up Scouse for this color haha