Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween in the Rainforest

Sooo, I am very behind on nail posts.  I was doing my nails and taking pictures, but I just never had a huge chunk of time to sit down, pick the best ones, crop, watermark, etc.  So you are still going to be seeing a lot of Halloween manicuresThey are so pretty I just couldn't not share!

Today is two coats of Revlon Rainforest, a stunning green with green flakies.  I LOVED this polish when I saw it in a swatch and I knew it must be mine.  Thankfully my local Tarjay had them and I snapped that baby up in a heartbeat.  Great polish and application for me.  Perfect for stand alone or layering.

On top I did some dabbing of Dollish Polish This is Halloween on top.  A great mix of orange, green and gold glitters.  I loved this combo, so fun.  (and this isn't tip wear, it was stupid SV shrinkage, gah!).   

Look at the amazing that is Revlon Rainforest in this!  
  Revlon can be purchased at any local drug store and most grocery stores.  Dollish Polish can be found on her big cartel site

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  1. You sure have a knack for the fall nails! This one is just as perfect as the rest!

  2. Ohh, Rainforest looks WAY COOL! Awesome matching of glitters, as usual. <3

  3. So pretty! What a stunning colour and a stunning mani! Just lovely :D

  4. Love the green speckles.. really pretty