Friday, November 2, 2012

OPI Designer Series Finds, or in other words, my wallet cries

Here are two of my recent OPI Designer Series finds.  A local beauty supply store had them at 20% off and so I snagged all of the ones I didn't have that was left.  

The application on these was perfection.  Truly.  OPI polishes always seem to have superior application, but these I feel are always stellar.

These are not the gorgeous holos from the earlier DS polishes, but I thought they were really unique and eye catching on the nail.  

First up is DS Reflection.  A beautiful pink with diamond shimmers.  This is two coats on the nail.

Next we have one of the newest additions to the DS family, DS Indulgence.  The swatches I had seen of this didn't have me jumping for joy, but when I saw the bottle in the supply store, I snagged it up and started stroking it saying "myyyyy preccciiiooouuuusssss"  It was just gorgeous and perfection for fall.  It is a berry red with orange undertones and just sings.  I got tons of compliments on this polish.  You see two coats below.

OPI polishes can be purchased at various OPI retailers like Ulta or online.  The DS line can be harder to find, but keep your eyes open always for that OPI silver cap!

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  1. Love these. I had two DS polishes and got rid of one that I didn't care for. But I still have I think "Reflection"??? I really want "Temptation."

  2. These are soooo beautiful!!! I can never get enough of DS line polishes!!

  3. Oohhhh pretty! I hope your wallet recovers soon :p

  4. Oh wow!! I don't get that excited over DSs, but Indulgence is a gorgeous color! I would be stroaking it and calling it "my precciioooouuuussssss" too!! :D