Thursday, November 15, 2012

Something Azure is under Jack

This one was another of my pre-Halloween manicures, but really, these colors don't scream Halloween for me.

I started off with Sally Hansen Azure from their lustre shine collection.  This collection is generally duochromes, but this one is just a deep blue metallic.  I didn't seem much of the duochrome in this one.

It went on very well and while the up close photos look brush-strokey, that is an artifact of the macro, because from normal distance, it is perfect. 

Then, because I can't leave well enough alone, I put Dollish Polish There is Something About Jack  on top.  This one was the only real meh for me in this collection.  It went on well, this is one thin coat, but I wasn't over the top about it.  The glitter laid down well and the application was fine, I just didn't care for the color blends I think.  

 I bought the full set (because it was the best way to get them), otherwise I don't think I would have bought this one.  I think this one needs to find a new home that will love it and care for it. 

 Sally Hansen can be found at drug stores.  Dollish Polish can be found at her Big Cartel store.

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  1. Another awesome combo, masterrr :D I'm really loving blues like this right now.