Sunday, November 4, 2012

Non-Magnetic attraction

Today I have one of my most anticipated polishes, OPI Morning, Moneypenny was the one I picked first.  I'm sad to say I was extremely disappointed.  I did it twice.  I don't know how others are getting these great photos, because I can't smooth it out to save my life.

It is grainy, which is odd.  At first I thought it needed the magnet (I was hoping you could even use these without) and that just didn't work out.  I guess I could slather on the top coat even more than one coat, but this is OPI, not some glitter bomb.

I don't know.  I suppose I must have done something wrong, but as a whole I'm extremely disappointed and eternally grateful I got these on transdesign for cheap and didn't shell out 22 bones for them.  

I love the color, I love the scattered holo, I just find the grainy finish to be extremely off putting.   

see? grainy. whhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

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  1. Holy moly, $22??? Wow! I have a love/hate relationship with magnetics. I love how others make then look, I just have never had the same exciting results. I end up using mine as just plain, ole polish. I am surprised you didn't use a magnet, because this is kind of what mine look like when I do!! Smudgy! Ugh. Such a pretty color too! Slap some more top coat on it, I bet it will look beautiful!

  2. Hmm Maybe you grabbed the latest kinda polish.. liquid sand nail lacquer instead of magnetic :D

    Pity thou cos I love that color hehe