Thursday, November 29, 2012

Baker St adorned in a Festival of Lights

I'm having a two-fer today because I just had to share this pretty.

I have to say I've been geniunely underwhelmed by most of the holiday polish lines coming out, both comercially and indie.  But then there is the amazing Amy's Nail Boutique who made a holiday line I needed to own.  It was a fantastic collection full of lots of different glitter combos that could be worn any time of year for the most part.  They worked perfectly for the holidays, but weren't so over the top red/green Christmasy that you'd only get to wear them for 1 month before putting them away.  So this line has my "Top Indie Holiday Line 2012" stamp of awesomeness. 

I started off with two coats of Nails, Inc Baker St, an amazing blue (that I didn't get photos of this time by itself that turned out).  Then I added one coat of Amy's Nail Boutique Festival of Lights over top.


A beautiful combo of small holographic and blue glitter, it is a true stunner!

RUN to Amy's shop to by the Festival of Lights!!!!

Amy's Nail Boutique can be purchased at her etsy store.

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  1. Wow~!!! This is amazing.. love how it sparkle~!! You going to make me broke with these pretty swatches Shannon haha :D