Monday, November 5, 2012

Reader Appreciation Giveaways!

I've been wanting to do a reader appreciation giveaway to thank those who comment on my blog or like/comment posts on Facebook.  

So I decided for the month of October, I would log every comment for the blog in one list and every like and comment on facebook in another.  Then I would assign each entry and number and use a random number generator.

I truly appreciate ALL of you who take the time out to like a post or comment on the blog or facebook.  It makes my day more than I'm able to communicate.  It means a lot to me that you follow me and read my posts and like my photos.  You are awesome!

I loved doing this so much that I intend to do more in the future as well along with more traditional styles of giveaways.  :-)   

So for the blog, Liesl of Liesl Loves Pretty Things was the winner!  She wins Rainbow Polish Artoo as featured here.  (I bought an extra for this giveaway)!

Liesl has been one of the most frequent commenters on my blog, so I was thrilled that she won.  I really value her comments and the time she spends making them.    

Here are screencaps of my very detailed (i.e. not at all detailed) method:

My handy dandy notebook full of names with their numbers.  She won this for her comment on a post from 10/10/12.  :-)   I like to go high tech and SYTYCP, Inc. I also can't spell worth a damn.

random number generator (yes, I took a photo of my screen, craptastic at its best!)!

 I did the same for Facebook and Samantha Chng won.  Again, I was thrilled because she is a very frequent contributor to my facebook page.  Samantha won Rainbow Polish Monarch (yet to be swatched by me, yes, I bought another extra).  Thank you Samantha, your likes put a smile on my face every time you leave them!  :-)

Once again, my fancy methodology at work, Samantha got this for liking a post on 10/6.  Again I prove my spelling is abysmal. 

random number:

 Thanks again everyone!

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