Saturday, November 24, 2012

Witches Warts Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Another Halloween line polish, but this doesn't scream Halloween to me, it works well in the fall or winter.  I started off with two coats of Essence Walk on the Wild Side.  A Beautiful Green with microflakies.  Again, I can't go gaga enough over Essence's polishes for the cost.  BUY THEM ALL!

Then I put a coat of Lacquistry Witches Warts over top.  This polish really exploded over the base, causing people to really compliment my nails every step of the way.  As with all of my Lacquistry polishes, it was perfection.  Jenna has an amazing ability to know how to make fantastic combination of glitters and colors to make everything pop.  

 Laquistry polishes can be purchased at her Etsy Store.

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  1. Look at your long nails! WOW. This is very cool looking. I don't have any Essence polishes yet. Well, I guess I have those 3 surfer ones, but I don't have any of these little bottles.

  2. The little bottles are great. For 1.99 or whatever they are at Ulta, definitely worth owning. My nails are shorter now, Thanksgiving took a beating on them. However for the next 2 weeks these are "old" mani photos (I'm so far behind!) Then I will be current again. This is what happens when you don't upload the photos as you take them! lol.

    1. You are lucky you have a bunch to post whenever you want. I am always on the mani I am wearing and that gets a little stressful sometimes. Especially when it's dark outside all the time :(

  3. wow Witches Warts looks really pretty !!! you have tons of awesome polish Shannon.. envious!!