Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's Complicated

Today I have Emily de Molly It's Complicated, a milky white base with purple and black glitters.  I managed to score this one in a group buy months ago from her Etsy store while they still shipped internationally and it literally took MONTHS for this baby to arrive via boat.  Three months.  Three months of looonnngg waiting.  Worth every second!

Now these are much easier to get here in the states thanks to Llarowe, but you need to be stealthy to get them for sure!  

I thought the application was very good and it didn't take a lot of coats to make it opaque (this is three coats below).  I was very happy with this one and I hope to get some more in the future! 

Hopefully you can score Emily de Molly at Llarowe!

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